Best Emerald Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a very personal thing and it always varies from one person to another. Some people prefers red ruby as the gem their wedding ring. Others prefer blue sapphire because of their elegance. Most people choose diamonds because they symbolize the eternity for the marriage. Emerald is a gem stone and is a variety of the mineral beryl.

The color emerald is usually green but on some occasion emerald is found with slightly yellow tint. The emerald comes as a variety for people who want to buy their wedding ring. The beautiful color and its classic look attracts buyer who wants to buy something different than the others. In this article we are focusing on what to look when buying emerald wedding rings.

What to look when buying emerald wedding rings

When buying your emerald wedding rings first you must check the grade of the emerald. Lower grade emeralds are fragile and break easily. They also quite dull in appearance and the green is not as clear as the higher grade counterpart. And be careful of synthetic emeralds as they are cheap to make and they are sold at high price that does not do you justice.


ideasguide May 1, 2016
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