Free Double Wedding Ring Quilt Patterns

Double wedding ring quilt is a pattern where a lot of rings overlapping with each other. It is used in many design such as carpets, rugs, Amish, modern, floor, garden, and a lot of logo. One of the most famous car producers in the world, Audi, has a logo which exhibits the characteristic of double wedding ring quilt.

It is also popular as bed pattern where it can work as pillow pattern, bed cover pattern, and bed head pattern. It is simple yet complex, and requires more effort to make than any other patterns. But the result is worth it and it evokes the classic design that is used in cathedrals and castles all across the world, particularly in Europe. Double wedding ring quilt design have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, and it is used and applied in numerous method and places. As the name suggest, double wedding ring quilt first used on an item called a quilt.

A quilt is a blanket that is composed by three layers of fiber layer, a cloth top that is woven, a layer of padding, and a woven back. The outer layer is usually covered with double wedding ring quilt.


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